Pie & Whiskey:

Writers under the Influence of Butter & Booze

Pie & Whiskey is the tent revival of literary events where writers present original works based on prompts that include the words “pie” or “whiskey” or both. This anthology collects the best of that writing along with new pieces to bring this spirited gathering to the printed page. Look here for…

  • Robert Wrigley on Ten High, rotgut, Jack, and Jim Beam.
  • Paisley Rekdal on WC Fields.
  • Anthony Doerr on teen love and Heavenly Pie.
  • Elissa Washuta on the whiskey swilling man-babies of Tinder.
  • Jess Walter on how to spike Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Kate Lebo on the American Gothic House and funeral pie.
  • Samuel Ligon on cocktails with Pat Nixon and Sacajawea.
  • Steve Almond on what happens in the kitchen when the kiddies go to bed.
  • Shawn Vestal on Frito Pie.
  • Kim Barnes on the pleasures of smoking, drinking, salt, and opera.
  • Thom Caraway on hungover poets lost in the woods.
  • and more tasty literary servings.

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